citizens emerged on Monday. The report claimed that the personal information of all Indian citizens,

who registered themselves on the COWIN portal a government-run Covid vaccination portal, is available on Telegram.

According to a report, personal information of Indian citizens, including their Aadhaar card,

and PAN card details are available on messaging platform Telegram.

The report said that when a mobile number registered with the COWIN portal is entered, 

the Telegram bot discloses the number of the ID card used for vaccination along with gender, birth year, and name of the vaccination centre, and his/her doses.

With this massive data breach, the Aadhaar card, voter ID, and PAN card numbers of Indian citizens are accessible to anyone on Telegram.

The alleged leak could impact more than 100 core individuals who have secured vaccinations after signing up through the COWIN portal

This includes more than 4 crore children between the age of 12-14 and over 37 crore people over the age of 45, a significant part of which could be senior citizens

A technical team of the Health Ministry is also investigating the allegations of a data breach of the CoWin platform, highly placed sources.