How to verify the status of TDS Refund?

In case you haven’t received your refund

you can verify the status by log in to your e-filing account and follow the below steps:-

Step 1: Login to your e-filing account

Step 2: Go to E-file> Income Tax Returns > View Filed Returns.

Step 3: Now under the relevant assessment year for which you want to check the IT refund status, click on ‘view details’.

Step 4: If the ITR is processed with refund due, click on the ‘refund status’ link.

The screen will show complete details of your ITR filing,

i.e. from the date of ITR filed, ITR e-verification, ITR processed to the date of issuing a refund.

II. You can also verify the income tax refund status through NSDL website.

Step 1: Got to tin-NSDL website and go to ‘Services’ tab and select option ‘Status of Tax Refunds’.

Step 2: Enter PAN, relevant assessment year, captcha and submit to know the refund status.