11-year-old Kerala girl develops AI-based to detect eye diseases

Leena Rafeeq, an 11-year-old girl in Dubai, has created an AI-based app called 'Ogler EyeScan'.

The app can detect eye diseases and conditions through a unique scanning process using an iPhone.

 Leena is also a self-taught coder who spent six months researching and developing the app.

The app utilizes trained models to diagnose potential eye diseases or conditions.These include Arcus, Melanoma, Pterygium, and Cataract.

The app was developed natively with SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages.

1. Leena's younger sister, Hana, also made headlines for becoming the youngest iOS app developer at the age of 9.

 Leena and Hana are homeschooled by their parents and are proficient in several languages, including programming languages.

 Leena's app is another testament to the power of young minds to innovate and make a positive impact on society.