Future is now: Scientists introduce 'smart bandages' which will heal and monitor wounds/burns through bio-sensors on it

 Researchers at Caltech have developed a smart bandage with biosensors that can help heal chronic wounds like diabetic ulcers and burns.

The smart bandage may make treatment of chronic wounds easier, more effective, and less expensive.

Diabetes can interfere with the healing process and create wounds that do not heal and become infected.

The smart bandages are made from a flexible and stretchy polymer containing embedded electronics and medication.

The bandage can monitor for molecules and conditions that may be indicative of inflammation or bacterial infection.

 It can transmit the gathered data wirelessly to a nearby device for review by the patient or a medical professional.

The bandage can deliver medication stored within it directly to the wound site to treat inflammation and infection.

The bandages have shown promising results in animal models under laboratory conditions.

Future research will focus on improving the bandage technology and testing it on human patients.